Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

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Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online
Myanmar Fishery
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  Directorate of Trade
No. 228/240, Strand Road, Yangon.
Fax : 95-1-284823
Tel : 283514 / 283517 / 256162
E-mail :

Department of Fisheries
Sin Min Road, Ahlone, Yangon.
Fax : 95-1-228258
Tel : 095-1-211382 / 211376
E-mail :


General Information
General Information

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To develop awareness of Myanmar's developing fishery and livestock products internationally.
To gain market access for the fishery and livestock products.
To attract foreign investment in fishery and livestock sector.
To obtain technical know-how of fishery and livestock production and other related manufacturing.
To produce and share healthy consumer goods, including high quality value added products.
PERIOD : 31st October 2003 to 4th November 2003
TIME : 9:00 Hrs to 17:00 Hrs
Duration : 5 days
VENUE : Yangon Trade Centre, Upper Pazundaung Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
ORGANIZER : Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair - 2003 Organizing Committee.
Ministry of Commerce
228-240, Strand Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
Fax: 095-01-284823 / 253028
Tel: 283514,283517,256162,371217
CO-ORGANIZER : Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
Sinmin Road, Ahlone
Yangon, Myanmar
Fax: 95-1-228258
Tel: 095-1-211382 / 211376
: Indoor Bare space 9 sq./m     US$ 750
Space with standard             US$ 1000
booth 9 sq/m
Outdoor Space I sq/m            US$ 15
(Available outdoor space is two segments of 111.48 sq metres and 148.64 sq. metres respectively)
Note :
  1. Bare space means area where no booths can be installed.
  2. 50% of the participation fee shall be paid with the application for space/booth and the balance not later than 30th September 2003.
  3. Full amount of hiring charges for booth must be paid for space where booths are to be installed.
EXHIBITION BOOTHS : Facilities including three partition walls, ceramic title floor, two flu0rescent lamps a table and two chairs will be provided. Facia carrying the exhibitor's name is to be decorated by the exhibitor.
EXHIBITORS : Manufactures, traders, sale representatives, agents, associations, public organization in the fishery and livestock business from Myanmar and abroad.
CLEARING AND FORWARDING : NMT Ltd. (International Freight Forwarding and Moving Services) is the official freight forwarder of the Fair and shall be responsible for the clearing forwarding and on sites handing of the exhibits to the Fair. NMT Ltd. shall provide services, which include customs clearance, transportation, on-site handling and re-export arrangement. NMT Ltd. (International Freight Forwarding and Moving Services.)
No.477, Merchant Street, 1st Floor (left)
Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel     : 95-1-295387, 706735
Mobile : 95-9-99-25963, 95-9-5007693
Fax     : 95-1-201277
Email   : 
REMITTANCE : Organizing Committee

Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair - 2003
Account No.94553
The Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank
No.80/86, Maha Bandoola Garden Street,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel   : 95-1-370994
Tlx   : 21300 BANKFE BM
         21332 BANKFE BM
         21348 BANKFE BM
         21349 BANKFE BM
         21444 BANKFE BM
         21454 BANKFE BM

ADVERTISING : Each exhibitor has the right to request one page advertisement to be included in the official website of Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair - 2003 and will be charged accordingly. To ensure including of an advertisement, interested parties should contact the following address.

Design Printing Services (DPS)
No. 165/167, 35th Street, Suite#4 (1st Flr),
Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. (Burma)
Tel: (+95-1) 20 40 20, 20 40 92
Fax: (+95-1) 245 230

Directorate of Trade,
228/240, Strand Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 95-1-283514, 283517, 256162
Fax: 95-1-284823

SERVICES AVAILABLE AT MYANMAR FISHERY AND LIVESTOCK FAIR - 2003 : Booths construction work including decorations
Aluminum Counter
Facsimile Service
Telephone (both domestic & International)
Daily cleaning
Free electricity
2 free exhibitor passes per stand unit
Tour service counter
HOTEL ACCOMMODATION : A number of multiple standard hotels are available in Yangon. Detailed information will be provided in the General Information Booklet.
EXHIBITS : Items of exhibits shall be preferably in line with the objectives.
Note : Interested parties for Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair - 2003 are requested to fax the attached preliminary intimation form not later than 30th September 2003. Detailed information will be sent to interested parties in time after receipt of this intimation form.

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