Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

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Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Online

Myanmar Fishery & Livestock Online
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  Directorate of Trade
No. 228/240, Strand Road, Yangon.
Fax : 95-1-284823
Tel : 283514 / 283517 / 256162
E-mail :

Department of Fisheries
Sin Min Road, Ahlone, Yangon.
Fax : 95-1-228258
Tel : 095-1-211382 / 211376
E-mail :



Participants List 2002

To register a new company, the requirements are as follows:
1. The copy of NRIC card and address from the directors
2. Date of birth and address from the shareholders
3. The price of share and the total number of shares
4. The total number of shares that each shareholder will buy
5.As a small business, The income should be under 500lakhs a year and the number of employees must be under 30.

The requirements of re-registration for a company are:
1. Company registration card, Form 6-26, Form E
2. The books of MOA and AOA are needed when using own constitution
3. The copy of NRIC card from the directors
4. Date of birth from the shareholders and the office address
5. The name and address of the user
6. Contact number and E-mail address
7. Provide the name in place of signature

(24th July 2018) In preparation for the commence of the Myanmar Companies Law 2017, the establishment of the Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO) electronic registry system, the company affairs divisions of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration will be temporarily closed from Monday 23rd July 2018 to Tuesday 31st July 2018.
During that time, company registration and filing processes will be temporarily suspended. All company registration and filing processes will re-commence on Wednesday 1 August 2018 under the new electronic registry system, MyCO.
Directorate of Investment and Company Administration

Myanmar Fishery Products Processors & Exporters Association (MPEA)

Participants List (2002)
No. CO: Name Booth
1 AAA Co., Ltd. FF-82
2 Accel International Co., Ltd. FF-116,117
3 Advance Seafood Industries Co., Ltd. GF-A-19, 20
4 Advanced Biologicals FF-85
5 Anawar Fisheries Holdings Ltd. GF-B-59 to 62
6 Anawar Hlwam Co., Ltd (A.N.H) GF-B-20-22

Aqua Shop (Thar Htoo Aung Co., Ltd.)

FF-29 to 33
8 Arsha Thar International Co., Ltd. GF-B-40
9 Asia Drink Co., Ltd. Thai
10 Asia Winner Industrial Co., Ltd. FF-42, 43
11 Aunawa Mon Co.,Ltd. GF-B-49
12 Aung Aung Enterprise FF-1 to 8
13 Aung Thabye Trading Co., Ltd. FF-95 to 97
14 Ayar Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd. GF-A-9
15 Belle Myanmar Enterprise FF-45
16 Benhur Trading /Industries Co., Ltd. FF-112, 113
17 Black Tiger Shrimp Farmers Products and Exporters Association Thai
18 Bo Thaing & Brothers Co., Ltd. FF-104, 105
19 Brain & Brawn Co., Ltd. GF-B-30, 32, 34
20 City Mart Holding Co., Ltd. FF-101
21 CP Merchandising Co., Ltd. Thai
22 Crab  Entrepreneur Association GF-B-5
23 Credit Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. FF-102
24 DAGON KYAW CO., LTD. (Tharladawaddy Co., Ltd.) GF-A-17&18
25 Department Of Fisheries FF-48 to 50
26 Diamond One Star Co., Ltd. FF-56
27 Diamond Shine Co., Ltd. GF-A-10
28 EON Engineering & General Trading Co., Ltd. OD-7 to 11 & 
GF-A-11, 12
29 Fame Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. FF-55
30 Fancy Fish Aquarium Enterprise OD-1 to 6
31 FISCA Security & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. GF-B-23, 24
32 Forever Agriculture & Livestock 
Development Co., Ltd.
33 Fortune International Ltd. GF-A-38 to 42
34 Gandamar FF-36, 37
35 General (Myanmar) Group of Company FF-114
36 Ghani Win Int'l Ltd. FF-92
37 Global Maharaja Co., Ltd. FF-90, 91
38 Golden Flower Co., Ltd. GF-B-8
39 Golden Livestock Co., Ltd. GF-B-63, 66 to 68
40 Golden Myanmar Aquafeed GF-B-18
41 Good Asia Co., Ltd. FF
42 Good Brothers Co., Ltd. GF-B-52
43 Grand Gold Industrial Co., Ltd. FF
44 Grand Wynn Enterprises Ltd. GF-B-42, 43
45 Great International Co., Ltd. GF-B-12, 13
46 Green Field Int'l Co., Ltd. FF-84
47 Hanmi Engineering FF-14, 15
48 Hein Enterprise Ltd. FF-87
49 HI Q Food Products Co., Ltd. Thai
50 Hla Kabar & Hla Bayin FF
51 Hone Shin Co., Ltd. FF-51
52 Htay Myanmar Trading Co., Ltd. GF-B-4
53 Interchem International Company FF-86
54 International Fisheries Tanintharyi Ltd. FF-79
55 International Traders Limited GF-A-4, 5, 6
56 Jaguco Myanmar Int'l Co., Ltd. GF-B-7
57 Japan Carton Box Manufacturing FF- 27, 28
58 Kaleidoscopoe Holding Pte. Ltd. FF-9
59 Khin Maung Nyunt Trading Co., Ltd. FF-107, 108
60 Khind Electrical and Home Appliances FF-109 to 111
61 Krieng Thavorn Containers Co., Ltd. Thai
62 Kyo Lone Co., Ltd. GF-B-55 to 58
63 Livestock Foodstuff Business Association GF-A-2,3
64 Lynn Enterprise Ltd. GF-B-52
65 Myanmar Sunrise Co., Ltd. GF-B-1
66 Mascot Industries Co., Ltd. GF-B-28
67 May Kha Industries Ltd. GF-B-29,31,33,35
68 MDIL= Pale General Trading FF-25, 26
69 Min Zar Ni Co., Ltd. GF-A-22, 23/GF-B-50
70 Moe Myinmoe Co.,Ltd. GF-A-7, 8
71 Multi Aquaculture and Livestock 
Trading Enterprise Ltd.
72 Myanmar Beijing Fisheries Co., Ltd. FF-44
73 Myanmar Bright Star Co.,Ltd. GF-B-2, 3
74 Myanmar C.P Livestock Co., Ltd. GF-B-64, 65
75 Myanmar Fisheries International Ltd. GF-B-10, 11
76 Myanmar Forest Products & 
Timber Merchants Association
FF-59 to 78
77 Myanmar Makro Industry Co.,Ltd. FF-88, 89
78 Myanmar Oceanic Resources (M.O.R) FF-80
79 Myanmar Pioneer Star Co., Ltd. FF-38, 39
80 Myanmar Seafoods Limited GF-B-14,15
81 Myanmar-Man FF-46
83 Myitmakha Engineering Co., Ltd. FF-34,35
84 Nadiwin Co.,Ltd. FF-81
85 Network of Aquaculture Centres 
in Asia Pacific (NACA)
86 Ngwe Zone GF-A-1
87 Nilay Naing  Co.,Ltd. GF-B-36 to 39
88 Ocean Harvest Myanmar Ltd. GF-B-16
89 Pacific Pharmaceutical FF-12
90 Pale Nadi Marine Product Enterprise Limited FF-58, 69
91 Pyi Phyo Tun Int'l Co., Ltd. FF-40, 41
92 Pyi Taw Soe Enterprise (Pale Alanemar) GF-B-17
93 QFC Trading SDN. BHD (Malaysia) OD-13to 22
94 Rammarwaddy International Co., Ltd. FF-50
95 REVA Co.,Ltd. FF-57
96 Samsung Asia Pte. Ltd. (S'pore) FF-11
97 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. FF-10

Sea Royal Cold Storage

99 Sea Wolf Co., Ltd. FF-13
101 Shwe Mi Furniture House FF
102 Shwe Nan Co.,Ltd. GF-A-15, 16
103 Shwe Pin Nwe Pin U Than Htun Furniture Housing FF
104 Shwe Tharawun Shae Hsung Fishery Co.,Ltd. GF-B-14, 15
105 Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. FF-93, 94
106 Shwe Ywet Hlay Annual Leads Trading GF-A-13, 14
107 Sinma Furnishing Co., Ltd. FF
108 Siam Sitto Co., Ltd. Thai
109 Son Food Ltd. GF-B-25 to 27
110 Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd. Thai
111 Success Winner Pte; Ltd. FF-52
112 Sun Light Fiberglass Co., Ltd. FF-B-19, 21
113 Swee Hong Etim Pte., Ltd. (S'pore) FF-128
114 Swexim Int'l Ltd. FF-126, 127
115 Taw Win Family Co., Ltd. FF
116 Thai Food Processors Association Thai
117 Thai Frozen Food Association Thai
118 Thant and Associates Co., Ltd. FF-83
119 TMW Enterprise Ltd. FF-118 to 122
120 TongTah Co., Ltd. OD- 20 Room
121 U.Lek Trading Co., Ltd. Thai
122 UE Myanmar Ltd. FF-99,100
123 United KMK Co.,Ltd. FF-103
124 Vet Superior Aquaculture  Co., Ltd. GF-B-48
125 View Point Myanmar Co., Ltd. FF
126 Wah Wah Win Int'l Ltd. GF-B-9
127 Winner Brothers International Ltd. FF-16
128 Yadanar Theingi Co.,Ltd. FF-115
129 Yan Taz Moon Co., Ltd. GF23-28
130 Ye Kyaw Trading Co., Ltd. GF-B-6
131 Yung Jih Co., Ltd. GF-B-53, 54
132 Zamil Steel Building Vietnam Co., Ltd. GF-A-21
133 AMD Trading FF-49-50
134 Asia Pearl Enterprise FF-59
135 EEl Entrepreneurs GF-B-6
136 Kabar Kyaw Trading FF-98
137 Multi Square FF-63-64
138 Myanmar Shwe Ying GF-B-52
139 Premier Plastic GFA-19
140 Shwe Bagyi FF-124
141 Shwe Gabar Kyaw FF-14
142 Yuzana Co., Ltd.  
143 Z.D Group Co., Ltd. FF-22

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